Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That THING???

I bought this from a dear, close friend who was having a yard sale. I've always loved it and I was so happy to acquire it and give it a nice, loving home. It looks perfect in my dining room! Well, when I first brought it home my dear husband, John, says "What are you going to do with that thing?"


How can he call it that THING? I LOVE this...anytime I can daydream about going to a Cotillion in a Grand Ballroom is a good day :)

As for John, I will let it slide this time. After all, he does sleep in pink rose covered bedding {as a matter of fact...there's flowers on all my bedding}. He didn't complain when I bought pink, foofy towels for our bathroom and I forbade him to use them. He listens attentively when I describe how I'm going to paint all the rooms in the house ballerina pink someday. He will immediately make a u-turn any time I spot an antique or thrift store and then spend countless hours pretending he's happy to be there. He looks at every picture I show him from Romantic Homes and just nods and says "That's nice babe". So now you understand why I was a little bit shocked when he referred to my latest treasure as "that THING".

But I've got a good man, so I will pretend like his comment never happened...after all...I do need somebody to help me carry in all the old furniture I bring home :-)

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  1. Hi I just found my blog. Your husband sounds like my boyfriend when I bring home fabulous finds...!