Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have to write about this because it is soooo strange...
It's no secret that I love birdies. I love watching them hop around. I love watching them fly. I love admiring their beautiful colors. I even like crows. So when I bought the cute little birdie stamp that I used to make this ~

these ~

and these ~

I was giddy! And then...I lost it.
I couldn't find it anywhere so I big deal...I'll just buy another one. And then...I lost that one too.
I searched high and low and I couldn't find it. But I loved this little stamp so much that I bought another one.
And then...I lost the third one. I was sure that Tatiana was taking them because she loves playing with my stamps, but she denied it. I searched all of her little purses and backpacks. I searched her little stash of kid craft supplies. I emptied every toy bin. I was so sure that I would find all three stamps hidden in a pencil pouch or in her rock collection box...but I didn't find them. So I bought a fourth stamp. And you guessed it...I lost it. Strange...
I have every stamp I've ever bought since about 1995. I never lost one.
So after buying and losing 4 of my favorite little birdie stamps I kinda get the feeling that I'm not supposed to have one. The next time I see one at my local arts and crafts store I will just walk on by. If it is meant to be...the four stamps that are floating around in a parellel universe somewhere will come back to me.

UPDATE 11.19.09 ~ Tatiana found one of the birdie stamps!!! I keep a bin in the garage full of cute clothes that she has outgrown because every once in a while she likes to play "store". She hadn't played in months and then about 2 nights ago I brought the bins into the house and after she hung all of her clothes in her "store" she screamed "Mommy, mommy I found it!" And there it the bottom of her plastic bin. I'm going to guard my little birdie stamp with my life. Not really...but I will try not to lose this one :)

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